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Map output of 8-PSK onto audio

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I need to modulate an 1800 Hz sinusoid with the output of an 8-PSK modulator and write that to an audio file. Then I need to read that file and recover the 8-PSK data to send to the demodulator. How could I do this? I think I have all needed Simulink libraries. Thanks.

Accepted Answer

Arnav Mendiratta
Arnav Mendiratta on 12 Jun 2017
For the modulation part:
1. Use a Sine Wave block to create the signal of desired frequency.
2. Modulate the signal using M-PSK block .
3. Save the modulated signal to audio file using To File or To Multimedia file block.
For the demodulation part:
1. Read the save audio file using From Multimedia.
2. Use the M-PSK Demodulator.
3. Bring that data to workspace , play or save it as an audio file.
You may use this example to get you started.

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