how to open a.mat file in matlab command window

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how to open a.mat file in command window in matlab
Jan on 25 Jun 2017
@naval solanki: Please do not only state "not working", but explain any details. Did you switch on the computer? Is Matlab installed? Which version? With which version has the MAT file been created? Does the selected file exist? Do you get an error message or do the results differ from your expectations? We cannot (or should not) guess the details.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 25 Jun 2017
‘load a.mat not working’
It probably is. You should see the variables that are in the ‘.mat’ file in your Workspace browser.
It is always best to use load as a function and with an output argument, so you can see the variables in the file, and assign them as necessary.
D = load('a.mat')

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