Simulink Real-Time missing signals

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Johannes Bilz
Johannes Bilz on 19 Jul 2017
Answered: Johannes Bilz on 25 Jul 2017
Hi everyone, I recently came across the folowing Problem using Simulink Realtime: When I compile and run a model, usualy all the signals (outputs of Simulink-Blocks) are listed in the Real-Time Explorer and can be monitored on the host-PC. In my demo model (screenshot appended) the outputs of the "Bandpass Filter 1", "Notch-Peak Filter 1", "Lowpass Filter" and "VibroOutMonitor" are not listed in the Real-Time Explorer and cannot be monitored (MATLAB-command getsignalid returns an empty value). Is there a way to enshure that all signals occuring in a model can be monitored using the Real-Time Explorer or the getsignalid/getsignal command? Adding a dedicated Host-Scope to the model monitoring the affected signals resolves the problem in principle, but monitoring signals without the need to recompile is a handy debug-feature.

Answers (2)

Jon Lobo
Jon Lobo on 24 Jul 2017
Put a unity gain (gain block with value of 1) in between those blocks and name that block as it makes sense to you (BP Filter, LP Filter etc). This has to do with how the filter blocks exist (network of other blocks) and how the code is generated. You should be able to see the signal that comes out of the gain block.

Johannes Bilz
Johannes Bilz on 25 Jul 2017
Hi thank you for your answer! In fact I added the unity gain block on the right (VibroOutMonitor) just for monitoring the signal. Unfortunately, the output of this gain block is although not visible. The only way I found was adding a FileScope and connecting all the outputs to the scope. This gave me all the signals but required adding the scope and recompiling.

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