How do I deal with dll dependencies?

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Noah Huffman
Noah Huffman on 24 Jul 2017
Commented: Noah Huffman on 27 Jul 2017
I have a .dll library that is dependent on another (still not entirely sure what that means). The first library has a corresponding .h file, but the library which it depends on does not. How do I write code with loadlibrary that will load this library and factor in the dependencies?

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Sangeetha Jayaprakash
Sangeetha Jayaprakash on 26 Jul 2017
When a DLL is dependent no another - it means that one DLL relies another one - it might be using the functions from another DLL.
I assume that you have a library, mylib, with the header file, mylib.h. The header file contains the statement, #include header2.h.
In order to use functions defined in header2.h, call loadlibrary with the addheader option as shown below:
To find library dependencies, you can use Dependency Walker tool. 'Dependency Walker' is a third-party tool that allows you to view the dependencies of your DLL file. This tool is available at the following website:
To view the dependencies of your module, open up your module in Dependency Walker.
Select View->Full Paths to view the complete pathnames of the dependent files.
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Noah Huffman
Noah Huffman on 27 Jul 2017
The Library "Mylib2" in the above context does not have a header file, "header2" that I can find.

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