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Compare two inputs based on closeness in value to a variable?

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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to write a statement that compares two inputs to a number. Depending on which of them is closer to that number, a statement will use the closer variable that in a calculation.
So for example, I have two inputs from a GUI.
x = 44, and y = 52
Whichever one is closer to 51 will be used in an equation (i.e. y)
Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?
Thank you!
John BG
John BG on 17 Aug 2017
Edited: John BG on 17 Aug 2017
What about solving the equal distance ambiguity with for instance
if abs(x - 51) > abs(y - 51)
z = y;
if abs(x - 51) == abs(y - 51)
z = [x y];
rbme17 on 18 Aug 2017
Thanks for your feedback! You're absolutely right, but this is actually being used in a GUI where I prevent x and y from being equal to each other with error messages and a break statement.

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