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How do I find a file name containing a particular string in a given directory and read this present file and write into other folder.

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i have folder in this different .jpg files are present with specified name. i want to read file with particular name not fullfile name .
like in folder i have AKS_9129.jpg file present but i want to read with 9129.jpg name . not include AKS_9129.jpg
path15 = strcat('E:\folder\',num2str(9129),'.jpg');
im15 = imread(path15);
error occured file is not found.
i have enclosed folder structure.

Answers (2)

Amirali Kamalian
Amirali Kamalian on 21 Aug 2019
You can make the code simpler by replacing this line
X = ~cellfun('isempty',strfind(N,num2str(9129)));
X = contains(N,num2str(9129));

Stephen23 on 27 Sep 2017
Edited: Stephen23 on 27 Sep 2017
Method one: strfind:
P = 'E:\folder';
S = dir(fullfile(P,'*.jpg'));
N = {};
X = ~cellfun('isempty',strfind(N,num2str(9129)));
I = imread(fullfile(P,N{X}))
Method two: dir:
P = 'E\folder';
F = sprintf('*%i*.jpg',9129);
S = dir(fullfile(P,F));
N =;
I = imread(fullfile(P,N));
Note that in both cases you will need to check how many matching filenames there are. You should also read the MATLAB documentation:
and this forum, e.g.:
praveen chandaliya
praveen chandaliya on 27 Sep 2017
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Error using imread (line 349) File "E:\actualdata\9129.JPG\AKS_9129.jpg" does not exist.
Error in folderread (line 10) I = imread(fullfile(P,N{X})); HOW TO SOLVE THIS ERROR
Stephen23 on 27 Sep 2017
Edited: Stephen23 on 27 Sep 2017
@praveen chandaliya: if two or more files match that number then you have to decide what to do. You might want to process both/all of them, or throw an error, or ignore them. How am I supposed to know what you want to do in that situation?
In any case I would highly recommend that you read the link to the documentation that I gave. The method you are trying to attempt is rather strange, and you would likely be much better off using one of the more standard ways to process a sequence of files.
The error message that you show tells me that you have used some different code than what I showed you, because in your error message 9129.JPG appears twice (did you read the message?):
My code does not do that, so you need to fix your code.

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