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Unable to unlock simulink library blocks

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Simulink library block stuck as locked read only. When block is used elsewhere link has black box around it and can't be disabled for editing. Have tried unlocking and resaving library but won't "stick" have also gone into "Library Properties" and in history unchecked "read only". Still shows up as locked.

Accepted Answer

Moe_2015 on 10 Oct 2017
Edited: Moe_2015 on 10 Oct 2017
Had this happen to me recently.
1) Open the Library
2) Unlock it
3) Click on Diagram -> Unlock Links to Library
4) Save the Library
You should no longer have the black boxes in your model.
Brandon Petersen
Brandon Petersen on 10 Oct 2017
Thanks Moe, it took me a while but I finally figured it out. There is a difference between unlocking the library and unlocking the library links.
Moe_2015 on 10 Oct 2017
No problem man! Glad you were able to figure it out on your own

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