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How to store values in an array from a for loop

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Nickolas Vrvilo
Nickolas Vrvilo on 20 Oct 2017
Hello, below is my code. I am trying to store the values of i after each iteration into the tseArray. For example, I am trying to store the first value, 730374, into the array, and then the next value, (730374+543.4) into the next value. However, I am having some trouble as I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I would really appreciate being shown how to do it or at least pushed in the right direction, thank you.
tseArray = zeros(1,150);
for i = 730374:543.4:811884
date(i) = 730374;
tseArray = date;


KSSV on 20 Oct 2017
YOur tsearray always takes same value date i.e 730374..why loop needed? You need to think about what you are trying to ask/ do.

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Answers (1)

Shubhankar Poundrik
Shubhankar Poundrik on 3 Jul 2020
Hi Nickolas,
I understand that you are trying to store an arithmetic progression in an array, and are not sure how to do it.
This can be done with one simple line of code
tseArray = 730374:543.4:811884
If for some reason, this has to be be done in a for loop, then it may be done in the following manner.
tseArray = zeros(1, 151);
counter= 1;
for i=730374:543.4:811884
tseArray(1, counter) = i;
counter = counter+1;


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