Is there a way to convert MEX file into original C++ code

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I have Mex File i want to convert it into c++ code to change some functionality in the code, is there a way that i can achieve this? Thank you.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Dec 2018
mex sources have three supported variety:
  1. mex source that is already C source and so no conversion is needed
  2. mex source that is C++ source . Converting C++ to C is not always possible because C does not have any exception handling . Otherwise if you look at early C++ compilers they compiled to C code... but that would have been for old versions of C++. For new enough C++ mex source you would have to do some rewriting into older versions before you could use a C++ to C translator
  3. mex source that is Fortran . there are Fortran to CC translator available .you would need to touch up the names of the interface functions .

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Accepted Answer

OCDER on 8 Nov 2017
As discussed before in this Q&A link, it's VERY HARD to decompile a compiled mex code.
Going from .mex64 back to .cpp is not straightforward since all the information that makes code readable, such as variable names, are lost when compiling them. You would be better off asking for the source code or writing a mex function in c++ from scratch...
Here's another Q&A about reverse-engineering C++ code:

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