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I have a script with the following data Data2=importdata('MichaelisMenten.txt'); Conc=Data2(:,1); rate=Data2(:,2); spred=Data2(:,3); w=1./(spred.*spred); ' plot(rate,konc); errorbar(??);
I need make vertical segment at each measurment on my plot, which showes plus and minus spread (ussing errorbar). But i cant figure out what to put in the errorbar-code

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Krishna Bindumadhavan
Krishna Bindumadhavan on 22 Nov 2017
Edited: Krishna Bindumadhavan on 22 Nov 2017
The syntax that you are probably looking for is : errorbar(x,y,err) , where :
  • x - data points for the x coordinate (in this case rate perhaps)
  • y - data points for the y coordinate (in this case konc (conc?))
  • err - error bar lengths (assuming you want symmetric bars)
The documentation gives a more exhaustive description of the various options that are available. You can take a look at the error bar documentation here: .

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