How to combine Matlab's build-in functions dtw and pdist?

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Hi, I'm trying to perform hierarchical clustering on my data. I've tried several distance metrics, but now I would like to use the build-in function for dynamic time warping (Signal Processing Toolbox), by passing the function handle @dtw to the function pdist. Following problem occuried:
Error using pdist (line 391)
Error evaluating distance function 'dtw'.
Caused by:
Error using dtw (line 87)
The number of rows between X and Y must be equal when X and Y are matrices
Here is the code I'm using:
D = pdist(data,@dtw); %data is a 1184x38 double matrix, where 1184 is the number of time-series
Z = linkage(D,'ward');
res = cluster(Z, 'maxclust', numClusters); %e.g. numClusters = 5
Many thanks in advance!
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Dankur Mcgoo
Dankur Mcgoo on 5 Jul 2018
Did you end up solving your problem? I am facing the same issue.

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Answers (1)

Greg Dionne
Greg Dionne on 9 Aug 2018
You'll want to take the output of DTW and put it into a form that PDIST can recognize.
This should get you started:
function d = dtwdist(Xi, Xj, varargin)
[m,n] = size(Xj);
% preallocate
d = zeros(m,1);
for j=1:m
d(j) = dtw(Xi, Xj(j,:), varargin{:});
Use it like:
X = randn(118,38);
maxsamp = 10;
d = pdist(X,@(Xi,Xj) dtwdist(Xi,Xj,maxsamp,'squared'))
title('Distance Matrix')
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m qasim
m qasim on 24 Apr 2020
Hi ,help me to use a different distance metric in DTW algorithm like mahlanobis

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