Why do I get a message "You must verify your university login information" when trying install or activate MATLAB?

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Why do I get a message "You must verify your university login information." when attempting to install or activate MATLAB?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 1 Jan 2020
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 1 Jan 2020
This message means your University's license is using Shibboleth Identity Management. In order to proceed you must click on the link provided and input your University credentials to verify you are a current member of the University. After you enter your credentials and you are still a current member of the University, you will be able to proceed with the installation/activation.
Germain Pham
Germain Pham on 3 May 2022
In my case, clicking on the link does nothing. Right-clicking on it does nothing so I cannot copy the link.
I solved the problem by click on the blue hypertext and drag-and-droping it in an open web browser.
It opened the Shibboleth portal of my university, then I could complete the verification process.

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Niklas Griessbaum
Niklas Griessbaum on 27 Apr 2019
a year later and the same problem still exists. How frustrating.

Leo Simon
Leo Simon on 3 May 2020
It's a year later still, and this problem still isn't fixed. WHY ISN'T MATHWORKS LISTENING????
We need to be able to install additional packages.

samuel karanja
samuel karanja on 7 Apr 2021
a year later problem still there

Victor Henkow
Victor Henkow on 5 Apr 2022
Edited: John Kelly on 11 Apr 2022
Still a year later and no fix. I cannot even contact the suport because I need my license number, which is the problem in the first place. At least now I am sure that I will never pay for a MATLAb license with my own money. Who would pay for a license from a company who cannot fix a simple bug in more than four years

Seyyedalireza Seyyedmousavi
This is really frustrating. No solution after 3-4 years.
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Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 22 Apr 2022
Are you on Ubuntu?
Try copying the Click here link text and pasting into Libre Office. Open the link by holding down control and clicking the link.

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Jeppe Langaa
Jeppe Langaa on 22 Apr 2022
A quick fix when the link is not working, is to go to MATLAB online and activate it from there. It solved it for me at least.


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