Distance from time and velocity vectors..HELP

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so i have 2 vectors:
time = [0,10,15,20,30,59,62,125];
velocity = [0,56.40,97.23,136.25,226.16,403.86,440.44,1265.23];
how would i get distance for each time interval? i tried using
distance = trapz(velocityChange,timeChange);
like this:
time = [0,10,15,20,30,59,62,125];
velocity = [0,56.40,97.23,136.25,226.16,403.86,440.44,1265.23];
distance = zeros(size(time)-1);
for i=1:length(time)
for ii=1:length(velocity)
for x=1:1:7
velocityChange = velocity(1,(x+1))-velocity(1,x);
timeChange = time(1,(x+1))-time(1,x);
distance(x) = trapz(velocityChange,timeChange)
%%distance = velocity*time%%
i want distance as a matrix but i get
distance = [ 0 0 0 0 0 00 ] basically a 0 matrix
and i get the overall distance of all the points how do i get the individual distance for each time interval?

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kowshik Thopalli
kowshik Thopalli on 26 Nov 2017
cannot be used here because you are passing only one value for x and y. Moreover direct integration is not the right thing because acceleration is not constant. Instead, what you can do is fit a line (linear regression) between time and velocity.The slope of the line is the acceleration. You can then use d= 0.5*acceleration*((delta_time)^2) to get the distance traveled here for each time interval.
close all;
grid on; hold on;
b1=time'\velocity';% linear regression;
plot(time,vcalc1,'r-');grid on;
%%to get distance between each time interval
time_diff=diff(time); % diff- successive differentiation. No need of loop
d= 0.5*a.*(time_diff.^2);
d =
449.28 112.32 112.32 449.28 3778.4 40.435 17832

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