Voltage stability index code

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weldon on 10 Jan 2018
Answered: Aneel Kumar on 6 Jan 2023 at 3:45
Hi, I am doing a project which require calculation of fast voltage stability index(FVSI). Please assist on how to come up with matlab code to calculate this index in power system
Amulya Goyal
Amulya Goyal on 8 Sep 2022
need help in gvsm coding please help me

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pranay dattani
pranay dattani on 7 Mar 2021
i try to calculate the Line Stability Index, voltage Stability Index, linr stability factor
clc; clear all; close all; format compact;
Vs=0.9526+j*0.55; % Sending End Voltage in pu
Vsm=abs(Vs); % Magnitude of Sending End Voltage
Vsa=angle(Vs); % Angle of Sending End Voltage
Vr=1.00+j*0; % Receiving End Voltage in pu
Vrm=abs(Vr); % Magnitude of Receiving End Voltage
Vra=angle(Vr); % Angle of Receiving End Voltage
R=0.1; % Line Resistance
X=1; % Line Reactance
Z=R+j*X; % Line Impedance
Pr=1.2; % Receiving End Active Power
Qr=0.5; % Receiving End Reactive Power
Sr=Pr+j*Qr; % Receiving End Apprant Power
fprintf('Line Stability Index \n')
Lmn=(4*X*Qr)/((Vsm*sin(Theta-Delta))^2) % Line Stability Index
fprintf('Fast Voltage Stability Index \n')
FVSI=(4*(Zm^2)*Qr)/((Vsm^2)*X) % Fast Voltage Stability Index
fprintf('Line Stability Factor \n')
LQP=4*(X/(Vsm^2))*(Qr+(((Pr^2)*X)/(Vsm^2))) % Line Stability Factor
% Line is assumed to be lossless. So,Here the sending end power is equal
% To Reaceiving End Power
oukennou aziz
oukennou aziz on 18 Nov 2022
You can put them in the vector

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Aneel Kumar
Aneel Kumar on 6 Jan 2023 at 3:45
How to calculate voltage deviation of any standard IEEE Bus system by Matlab coding


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