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Edward Umpfenbach
Edward Umpfenbach on 8 May 2012
I create a uitable to capture a user input of strings.
global num_groups;
num_tech = uitable('Data',cell(1,num_groups));
temp = cell(1,num_groups);
for i = 1:1:num_groups
temp{1,i} = 'char';
I think it is pretty close to right because it left aligns, which I think a uitable with character inputs should do. Whatever string I type into the input cells is transformed into 'NaN'. What settin am I missing?

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Edward Umpfenbach
Edward Umpfenbach on 8 May 2012
Looks like this is what uitable is designed to do.
If your column is editable and the user enters a number, the number will be left-aligned. However, if the user enters a text string, the table displays a NaN.
What is the best way to prompt a user for a dynamic number of strings? (ie, whatever num_groups is, prompt for that many of strings).


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