Find All Possible Paths from a Single SourceNode to a Single TargetNode Without Visiting Old Paths

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czeslaw on 29 Jan 2018
Edited: czeslaw on 29 Jan 2018
Hi All,
If I have node set nodeset=[nodeID x y] of size numberOfNodes x 3. I also have undirected path pathset=[PathID nodeID1 nodeID2] of size PathID x 3. I would like to find all possible paths from a single sourceNode to a single TargetNode. Visiting the previously travelled edge (path) is not allowed because there would be too much solutions. Visiting the previously travelled vertices are allowed.
Is there a function out there in Matlab that can help me do this: Example: AllPaths(nodeset, pathset, sourceNode, TargetNode) output: sets of vector containing PathID's that gives those possible path.
Your help much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 29 Jan 2018
If like the person Walter remembers who asked the similar question a couple months ago you're trying to investigate centrality of a graph or digraph, take a look at the centrality function.

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czeslaw on 29 Jan 2018
Edited: Walter Roberson on 29 Jan 2018
Thank you all for the reply,
In response to Walter, for instance, if I have paths following a square figure with a diagonal in the middle, there will be 3 ways to go from point A to points C.
So if I input AllPaths(nodeset, pathset, A, C), the function that I looked for should output:
1. A B C
2. A C
3. A D C
I am not certain about that centrality function, would it be helpful for this kind of example. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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