use trainNetwork() function on a matrix of doubles

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Tianyi Ma
Tianyi Ma on 1 Mar 2018
Edited: KSSV on 16 Mar 2021
I want to feed my neural network a 2D matrix which contains the computed luminosity difference of an image sequence. I want to use the trainNetwork() function, but it can only work on data with standard image format and does not accept .mat files. Is there any ways that I could read from a .mat file and then feed the 2D matrix read from it into my neural network?
Thanks, Tianyi

Answers (2)

Krishna Bindumadhavan
Krishna Bindumadhavan on 13 Mar 2018
As an preprocessing step as outlined here , you can convert the .mat file to .jpg format and then you can use the converted image as an input to the neural network.

Ammar Saleem
Ammar Saleem on 17 Apr 2018
Edited: KSSV on 16 Mar 2021 use Train Network for Image Regression or Train Network for Sequence Classification according to your requirement


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