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How to use HOG (Histogram of Oriented Gradients) visualisation?

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Aravind Chakravarti
Aravind Chakravarti on 2 Apr 2018
I am implementing HOG myself (not using extractHOGFeatures) for my coursework. I could able to implement HOG completely by referring Dalal paper. The hardest part is visualisation of the extracted features. Actually visualisation is tougher than creation of HOG iteself!
I tried, but it seems the implementation of HOG is little different from MATLAB.
Does any one know how to visualise HOG once it is manually extracted? It will be a great help.
Thanks in advance!
Regards, Aravind


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Abhishek Ballaney
Abhishek Ballaney on 6 Apr 2018

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Aravind Chakravarti
Aravind Chakravarti on 6 Apr 2018
Thanks. But I am implementing manually. I don't want to use built-in extractHogFeatures I have already implemented HOG but I needed some routine which can give visualization

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