Move target data to new version of slrt after an upgrade

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After upgrading to a new version of Matlab/Simulink/SLRT, I'd like to port all my realtime targets into the new slrtexplr. Is that possible?

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Jon Lobo
Jon Lobo on 4 Jul 2018
They should automatically be carried over through your MATLAB preferences.
If they are not for some reason, you can using slrtTargets = SimulinkRealTime.getTargetSettings('-all'); to store your target settings in a MATLAB variable. You can then save this to a MAT file.
From there, you can import the MAT file into the new version of MATLAB and use SimulinkRealTime.addTarget to add the different targets.
Again, I don't suspect you'll need to do that. They should come over through your MATLAB preferences (assuming your new MATLAB version is installed on the same computer your old one was).

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