is there any possibility to linearize nonlinear system and change into state space system

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my problem is huge 31dof problem, I figure it out how to solve. But the main problem is linearization so i create fuction which represents the 31 equations of motion and parameters and use simulink to linearize. But its not working i want state space system A,B,C,D from my equations. Is there any method to solve ode and convert into state space. Please help me

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Tim Grunert
Tim Grunert on 12 Apr 2018
Hey, if you can set up your dynamical equations in explicit form: dx/dt = f(x,u) and y = g(x,u) e.g. using the symbolic math toolbox you can easily linearize your system around a steady state (x0, u0).
As an example your system matrix results from: A = jacobian(f, x) After it you need to replace all remaining x with x0 and u with u0 in A.
For the input matrix likewise shown but with B = jacobian(f,u) For C and D using g instead of f.
We published a small tool to handle nonlinear dynamical systems symbolically in MATLAB. There the feature of linearization is implemented:

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