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is there any possibility to linearize nonlinear system and change into state space system
Hey, if you can set up your dynamical equations in explicit form: dx/dt = f(x,u) and y = g(x,u) e.g. using the symbolic math to...

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State Space with Disturbance
Hello, just ignore B1 to use lqr(...) there is no impact from the controller to w anyway. Maybe you need some feed forward fo...

4 years ago | 0

Hi I am trying to solve couple differential equation.I dont understand in which way I can solve.Please help
You can also solve it using the symbolic math toolbox: <

4 years ago | 0

Programmatically generating Simulink models from symbolic equations
In the last year we also the problem that we need to model twice: symbolically for control analysis and in simulink for simulati...

4 years ago | 2