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Problem with Mars Mission

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YaCin Manai
YaCin Manai on 21 Apr 2018
Edited: Walter Roberson on 7 May 2018
I have the following message when i try to build model to raspberry pi hardware and aduino due one.
The corresponding 'msfun_realtime_pacer.tlc' file for the MATLAB S-function 'msfun_realtime_pacer' in block 'SimulationModel/Real-Time Pacer' must be located in the current working directory, the MATLAB S-function directory 'C:\Users\YaCin\Documents\MATLAB\CompetRobot\lib\sim_RealTimePacer', or the directory 'C:\Users\YaCin\Documents\MATLAB\CompetRobot\lib\sim_RealTimePacer\tlc_c'

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YaCin Manai
YaCin Manai on 22 Apr 2018
any help please

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Marian Kersting
Marian Kersting on 7 May 2018
When gnerating Code of a Model (== Build the model for RPi) then the CodeGenerator needs a TLC File to inline the S-Function. When you have the RealTimePacer From Matlab Exchange, there is a Sentence that is does not support Code Generation. The only thing you can do is to write a TLC file on your own. See More Details in the Mathwork Help with Searching for "TLC generation", "Inlining S-Functions","..."
I did this with another Matlab Exchange Pacing-Script until it worked. Just 2 weeks before R2018a.
BUT since the new Matlab Version R2018a, Simulink comes with a "RealTimePacer" by it's own. This one does the same as the Script. Unfortunately I have not tested myself wether it supports CodeGeneration. Here is the Link to the new Feature: Simulink RealTimePacer
Since in this Link under Limitations, they don't exclude CodeGeneration, I suppose that it works.
Hopefully this helps you :-)


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