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3D printing using MATLAB

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Sir, Is that possible to code a 3d printer using MATLAB having raspberry pi as micro-controller? If yes, please brief me regarding that; also tell about conversion of STEP or STL file to axis points in printer
With Regards, Rajbir Singh


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Accepted Answer

Paul Kassebaum
Paul Kassebaum on 30 Apr 2018
Hi Rajbir, here's a paper that explains a workflow using MATLAB and Simulink (and, optionally, Simscape Multibody) for designing and controlling a 3D printer. This other MATLAB Answer points to tutorials on how to get your MATLAB/Simulink algorithms to run stand-alone on a Raspberry Pi.


Rajbir Singh
Rajbir Singh on 30 Apr 2018
Thank you Sir, As in 3d printing there is a step of conversion of stl file to g-codes, its not being explained in that paper.
angel sepulveda
angel sepulveda on 18 Jun 2018
Gcode is used for cnc machines that do not interpret stl files, since matlab would interpret stl files and would also control the movement the middle step of converting into gcode is not really necessary

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Robert James
Robert James on 5 Aug 2020
Thanks for sharing


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