How do I suppress signal output from Simulink model?

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I want to measure performance of my Simulink model using SimulationMetaData. The problem is the sim command also outputs all signals in workspace. For my example model (see screenshot) it is not a problem, but for a larger model with long simulation times it uses up too much memory, which in turn affects the execution time negatively.
simout = sim('DummyTest', 'ReturnWorkspaceOutputs', 'on')
simout =
y: [1x1 timeseries]
SimulationMetadata: [1x1 Simulink.SimulationMetadata]
ErrorMessage: [0x0 char]
I can get rid of the 'y' field by typing
metadata = simout.getSimulationMetadata()
However I do not want it to be written to memory (as output to the function) in the first place. I have tried
set_param DummyTest SaveTime off SaveState off SaveOutput off SaveFinalState off
but to no avail.
UPDATE: The reason y is part of the output struct from the sim function is that it is stored to workspace with the 'To Workspace' block. Thus, Simulink does not return all signals in workspace, but instead it returns the signals that are saved to workspace.
In order to perform what is asked in the headline of this post, untick 'Configuration Parameters' / 'Data Import/Export' / 'Output'
I still do not know how to do it programatically though

Accepted Answer

Christopher Wallace
Christopher Wallace on 6 Jun 2018
Hi HaMo,
To turn it off programatically try:
set_param(sys, 'SaveOutput', 'off')
Where 'sys' is the Simulink model your using. I used 'bdroot' to test it in Matlab 2017.
Best Regards,

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