Undefined function or variable 'sequenceInputLayer' when following Matlab Example with all extensions installed

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I'm trying to follow the Time Series Forecasting Using Deep Learning example from the Neural Network Toolbox.
I'm fairly certain that I have the correct packages installed. Image of my add-ons manager is below:
Following the example line for line, I get stock on the following command:
layers = [ ...
Matlab produces the following error:
Undefined function or variable 'sequenceInputLayer'.
Error in ForecastModel (line 27)
I cannot figure out why the function does not work as it is part of the installed Neural Network Toolbox. Do I need to do anything special to activate this toolbox within the current project or is there any other advice on how to get past this error?
James Cameron
James Cameron on 25 Jun 2018
Thank you for the answer, Geoff. I'm using an education license of R2016B supplied by my University so that will be the reason.

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Accepted Answer

Siwan Yang
Siwan Yang on 22 Jun 2018
Hello James,
As Geoff mentioned, the ‘sequenceInputLayer’ function is introduced since R2017b, so if you could upgrade to MATLAB R2017b or above version, this issue no longer exists.
Thanks, Siwan
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James Cameron
James Cameron on 25 Jun 2018
Thanks Siwan, yes this will be the issue. I'm using a R2016B license supplied by my University so I'm not sure if I can upgrade.

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Husnain Iqbal
Husnain Iqbal on 27 Jan 2019
James Cameron, kindly guide me about the solution. I've same issue i.e. Undefined function or variable 'sequenceInputLayer'.


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