multiplying a value and create a matrix of a certain size

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The outcome of this line
is B =4,1,1. I would like to multiply B and create a matrix (a column vector) with the same size as data1 (which is a 748*3 matrix) so that I could create a new matrix like newMatrix=[data1 B] later on . Thank you.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Jun 2018
B is the name of a character vector and is '41,1' -- it is not a matrix, and does not have value of 'data1, 848*3'. I think your terminology is confusing everybody.
I don't know what "each piece of data" is but why do you need a new, unique name for each piece?
Please answer my questions in Walter's answer also.

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Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Jun 2018
repmat(B, size(data1, 1), 1)
However if data1 is numeric then [data1 replicated_B] is unlikely to give you what you expect.
Elaheh on 30 Jun 2018
i is the number of each participant. It will be changed for each person. str3 shows the test version and is the name of the excel sheet the data is taken from. They are string. data1 includes 3 columns which show the reaction time, type of the stimuli etc. I need to label each piece of data (i.e., data1) for each participant and for each test version. In other words, I need B to appear with the data. It would be ideal for B, which shows the number of each participant and the test version to appear on the top of data1. I can write the information in an excel file now but do not know how to add the file ID to the data (to data1). I attached a picture to show my intended output. The picture shows the file for each person. 40 is the number of participant and 1 is the test version.
Thank you and sorry for making you confused.

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