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Why won't this optimization code run in Matlab R2018a?

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Learn2Listen on 12 Jul 2018
Answered: Aamod Garg on 4 Aug 2018
I generated the following optimization code for a mechanical engineering problem a few years ago in Matlab R2013b, and it still solves in that version. But, it will not solve in version R2018a, and it causes Matlab to hang. I have run the code compatability report, and that check found no syntax concerns, errors, warnings, or improvements. Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated.
Learn2Listen on 13 Jul 2018
No, I had not. That resolved the problem. R2018a now solves the problem. Thank you for your help.

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Accepted Answer

Aamod Garg
Aamod Garg on 4 Aug 2018
Try installing with the update packages. And then you can try to solve this problem on optimization:

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