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Stuck with symbolic variables

Asked by Akbar
on 13 Jul 2018
Latest activity Answered by Birdman
on 13 Jul 2018
How to correctly assign symbolic values to the selected elements of an Array?
syms a b c
x = [a;b];
c([1 2]) = x;
% it returns
c = [ a, b]
I Need
c = [a;b] % should be a column vector, not row vector like above.
c can be for example 11 dimentional column vector. I just want to assign values in x to the selected rows of c. For ex. lets say 3rd and 7th row of c must be equal to a and b respectively.
Something like this is needed, here is another ex.
c = [1;2;3;2;5;3];
c(1st and 4th) = [a;b];
c =


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1 Answer

Answer by Birdman
on 13 Jul 2018
 Accepted Answer

You need to also convert your numerical array into symbolic so that things will be possible. For instance:
c([1 4])=x


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