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How to set output of MATLAB function block as fixed size?

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Jeffrey H
Jeffrey H on 1 Aug 2018
I have a MATLAB function block in Simulink. The dimensions of the output are defined by block inputs, but remain constant during the simulation. How can I get Simulink to define it as a fixed-size output?


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Adil Murtaza Zuberi
Adil Murtaza Zuberi on 14 Feb 2020
Thank you for the help. I know there are other ways to get this example done. The target is actually to integrate the "external C code" into simulink. Generated from somewhere out of Matlab.
Thats why it is important to use any image processing example from which a C code can be generated. I already generated a C code out of rgb2gray() using Matlab Coder.
I am able to integrate it in a Matlab function too and compile successfully.
The issue is not the display becasue of the variable size output. This issue comes up irrespective of if it is done via rgb2gray Matlab built in function or via rgb2gray C function. Somehow Matlab Function Block doesn't like to convert image.
stozaki on 14 Feb 2020
This problem may be a limitation of Video Viewer. Then I don't think you can get rid of this error.
The Color Space Conversion block can generate C code.
Adil Murtaza Zuberi
Adil Murtaza Zuberi on 17 Feb 2020
Thank you but as described, there will be later on custom code inside the funtion block, therefore it is necessary to use matlab function block for Code Generation.

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Answers (1)

stozaki on 13 Feb 2020
* I attached model and Signal Object file.
There are two ways.
  1. Set the dimensions in the properties of the output signal.
  2. Use Simulink Signal Object


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