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How to obtain radio button index in APP Designer

Asked by Brian
on 29 Aug 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Greg
on 30 Aug 2018
I'm new to APP Designer. I've made a simple APP that has radio buttons which correspond to the names of the columns in an ascii file that I have read in. I want to plot different columns of the file (e.g. Time vs Pressure, Time vs Temperature, etc.) when I select a button.
so, when I click on a button, I want to plot columns 1 vs buttonnumber e.g
in the UIAxes. How do I get the button number from the buttonclick callback? I don't see it in the properties of the buttongroup.


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Answer by Greg
on 30 Aug 2018
Edited by Greg
on 30 Aug 2018
 Accepted Answer

There are a few ways to do it, each with a different level of impact to your code. The way that requires no changes except a new line of code to define buttonnumber is:
buttonnumber = ismember(app.grpRadioButtons.Buttons,app.grpRadioButtons.SelectedObject);
Obviously, you'll have to put in your own appropriate tag for the radio button group. Also, I personally wouldn't use the variable name buttonnumber since this is strictly a logical output (which works exactly as-is to index into data). If you truly (superfluously) want the numeric value, throw a find on it.


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My approach for listbox (and others) is to stick the numeric index into the ItemsData property. Querying the Value property then defaults to the content of ItemsData, but you can easily use that to index into Items to get the actual text.
I've been asking for an Index property of these types of components for a little while now. Hopefully soon.
Perfect, thanks!
Happy to help!

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