Keyboard input is not working in Matlab GUIs on Ubuntu 18.04

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Hello Matlab Community, recently I installed Matlab2018a on my Ubuntu 18.04. After the installation was completed I tried to open Matlab GUIs but it did not work. I followed following instructions: ---
cd /usr/local/MATLAB/R2017b
cd cefclient/sys/os/glnxa64
mkdir exclude
mv* exclude/
--- Afterwards I was able to open Matlab GUIs as e.g. Appdesigner, Simulink or the Log In window. Unfortunately its not possible to make keyboard inputs neither to 'Edit Fields' nor to the appdesigner code editor. Summarized: Keyboard inputs in any matlab gui are effectless. Does anybody know a solution? I look forward to your suggestions.
regards Nils
Aidan Cyber Concepts
Aidan Cyber Concepts on 22 Apr 2021
To clarify, I was having this symptom with the Code View, but realized that it was an intended feature - I was aiming to directly edit code rather than use the UI to handle that.

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Answers (2)

Mika Mäki
Mika Mäki on 16 Apr 2019
Edited: Mika Mäki on 8 May 2019
Confirmed with MATLAB R2019a on Kubuntu 18.04. A workaround is to activate the window by right-clicking its title bar.
Edit: Confirmed on Kubuntu 19.04 as well.

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Tom Hearn
Tom Hearn on 7 Jun 2019
I have this problem on Fedora. To install it wants the license file but it won't let me input anything into the gui.


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