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How i can generate clean %50 duty square waves ?

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abdurrahman Elmaghbub
abdurrahman Elmaghbub on 6 Sep 2018
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I keep getting some jitters from my DAC38J84 when i output square waves using square() function in MATLAB. I am guessing that happens because the edges of the square waves are not always in the same palce due to the number of samples per cycle.
Do you have any suggestion ?
I really appreciate it,
Thank you

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Naman Chaturvedi
Naman Chaturvedi on 10 Sep 2018
You can try improving the samples per cycle and making your signal more sharp as long as it obeys the size limits, if you still can't get a clear output, i feel it must be because of some hardware issue. Attach your output pictures to clearly state your problem.





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