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Jan on 28 Jun 2012
When I open a large thread, e.g. the wish-list, I get a bunch of error message from my Firefox browser:
A script on this page is eventually busy or it does not answer. You can stop this script now or let it proceed to check, if it gets finished. (translated from German)
After clicking on "proceed" it takes 10 seconds and the same error appears for the next scripts:
Because each message blocks the browser for about 10 seconds, this means a serious delay.
I assume my browser is tired. Did the new layout update make the forum's interface to fat for my computer again? Do you get similar problems? Are there workarounds?

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Randy Souza
Randy Souza on 28 Jun 2012
Thanks for the detailed feedback Jan.
This is a known issue that we're looking into. You may also see this issue in Internet Explorer. Google Chrome seems to be better.
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Jan on 30 Jun 2012
Please publish known issues in a list, such that the users do not have to analyze a problem and waste time with posting it. A history and known bugs list is a very common and useful feature.

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Randy Souza
Randy Souza on 16 Aug 2012
We deployed a fix this evening (Aug 15 2012) that should eliminate the JavaScript warnings. Please post here or email me directly (<firstname>.<lastname> if you still see them.
Randy Souza
Randy Souza on 20 Aug 2012
I can't disagree with your assessment of IE or MATLAB Answers. But even with IE's, um, quirks, we shouldn't be crashing your browser.
If it's not a hassle, please email me (<firstname>.<lastname> when a thread causes your browser to crash. If you can catch the URL for the thread that would be great. Lastly, which version of IE are you using?

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