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madhan ravi

is it possible that answers can be accepted?

Asked by madhan ravi
on 13 Oct 2018
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on 7 Aug 2019 if you click the link you will notice that two answers are accepted , found it quite interesting . Does anybody know how the system works?


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@madhan sir Agreed!
Thank you @ Kalyan
+1, I always wondered about this, too.

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Answer by John D'Errico
on 13 Oct 2018
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Being an MVP does not give you the privilege to doubly accept an answer. Read the help for Answers. It tells you what privileges are accrued with increasing rep.
As I recall, occasionally two answers can get accepted, if two acceptances are registered at the same time, before the database knows what has happened. The OP can always accept an answer immediately. Once accepted, that locks other answers out from being accepted.
If the OP has not accepted an answer within 7 days, then all answers are opened up for acceptance, by users with sufficient site rep. (500 rep is all that is needed, based on the rep privileges listed in the help.) I gather this is when a double acceptance can rarely occur, if then TWO answers are accepted within a sufficiently short span of time.


on 17 Oct 2018
That multiple answers can be accepted within a certain period of time means, that the database is not ACID proof, see . This is not state of the art and can cause a corruption of the data beyond inoffensive effects like double accepting. The ACID model was developed in 1983, see e.g. ISO/IEC 10026-1:1992 Section 4.
If an account with a high-reputation is cracked, a distributed attack could flood the database with contradictory information, which are hard to fix automatically.
Useful information @Jan
Yes, double acceptance of answers is a bug. I know that Walter Roberson reports these to MathWorks when he spots them so they're aware of it. I doubt they'd want to make the decision on which of the two should be the correctly accepted one, so both will probably stay accepted.

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Answer by Bruno Luong
on 13 Oct 2018

Can you accept this one and the previous one?


Yea sir but how two answers have been accepted in the link I posted?
Timing issue.
Thank you sir @Image Analyst

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Answer by KALYAN ACHARJYA on 13 Oct 2018
Edited by KALYAN ACHARJYA on 13 Oct 2018

Sir, Yes it is Possible, I have experienced the same.


can you elaborate @Kalyan ?
ok lets take our time , no problem

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Answer by Bruno Luong
on 13 Oct 2018

Can you accept this one and the next one?

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no I'm not able to accept it

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Answer by Bruno Luong
on 13 Oct 2018

I might win 2 points or nothing


indeed, we are all waiting for you to become one
I'm afraid nothing magical happens once you become an MVP other than having that little badge attached to your name. You don't get any more privilege than the ones granted by achieving the required reputation.
Achieving 2000 reputation (way before MVP) puts you on an editor mailing list where mathworks may very occasionally ask for feedback.
The little MVP badge is nice though!
Amazing though, I have to admit that I have been sick for a couple of days was able to manage it only because I am part if this community. Cheers

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