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Is it possible to run multiple scripts in different file paths from one single script?

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Ive made a number of scripts to process some data I have obtained from testing. I have organised this data (.xlsx files) into different folders depending on what variable was tested. In each of these folders I have made a matlab script to do some calculations and produce graphs for the data.
Rather then having to run each script individually, is it possible to just have a single script so when I run it, the other scripts will also run?
This "master" script file would be the highest file in the directory path.
% Master Script
% Script 1
../myfiles/Test Volume 1/script1.m
% Script 2
../myfiles/Test Volume 2/script2.m
% etc
Each script uses xlsread to gather data from excel files in their respective folders which contain the test data.
All my scripts work as they are meant to. But I am having trouble trying to run them all from a single script.
This is my current "master" script.
%===============CODE TO RUN ALL SCRIPTS===============%
START_1 = 'Expansion 0% Starting';
addpath /Principle Mufflers/Expansion 0/
rmpath /Principle Mufflers/Expansion 0/
END_1 = 'Expansion 0% Finished';
I only start learning matlab a week ago, so apologies if these questions are stupid, or if my code (and understanding) is not tidy.

Answers (1)

Elias Gule
Elias Gule on 1 Nov 2018
Use the 'run' function. If you want to know how to use this function: type the command 'doc run' on the command window. Ta!


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