Getting recognition rate 3.25 only. How to improve recognition rate?

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After applying test and training sets with Euclidean distance, I am getting a recognition rate of 3.25 in my program. How do I improve the recognition rate?
Balaji M. Sontakke
Balaji M. Sontakke on 3 Nov 2018
Sir am having two mat files 40_5_2 and 40_10 that contains dorsal
hand vein images data, I have written a program for calculating PCA
(eiganvalue and eiganvector), firstly calculated mean, covariance,
Projected the Input Images on Image Space, Normalisation, Code to
find the nearest (in norm) vector to the input eigenvein
components. Lastly, I try to recognise recognition = (originalTest'
== test); I got only ARR = 3.25 recognition rate. why this less
recognition rate, where I am wrong. I have attached my program herewith please run 'PCA_ORL_11.m' file

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