Apply a colored filter on grayscale image?

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I have two grayscale images and i need to merge as an anaglyph image without shifting. The purpose is to watch this image with red-green glasses thereby having a red filtered image only visible with one lens and a green filtered image only visible with the other.
I've found the function
But i need to apply a red and green filter. It is possible on grayscale images? how can i do?

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Naman Chaturvedi
Naman Chaturvedi on 21 Jan 2019
You grayscale image (say iRed) is a m*n*1 matrix. (m, n are x and y dimensions). To make the grayscale image iRed to redscale image, do the following computations:
>> iRedMonochrome=cat(3,iRed,zeros(size(iRed)),zeros(size(iRed))); % for red filter [R 0 0]
>> iGreenMonochrome=cat(3,zeros(size(iGreen)),iGreen,zeros(size(iGreen))); % for green filter [0 G 0]
>> iBlueMonochrome=cat(3,zeros(size(iBlue)),zeros(size(iBlue)),iBlue); % for blue filter [0 0 B]
You can then simply add the images:
>> iRGB=iRedMonochrome+iGreenMonochrome+iBlueMonochrome;
Filippo Gambarota
Filippo Gambarota on 21 Jan 2019
Unfortunately the output is a flat red image...
final = imhistmatch(N1_green,F1_red)

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