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problem with netcdf lib

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Patrick on 20 Jul 2012
Edited: Walter Roberson on 21 Nov 2015
Here is my function to write a netcdf file. The data I want to write is a matrix (VARI33) of dim (87x81x366). The first part of this function cares about the date and determines a1, which is used as third dimension lateron.
I call the function e.g. as create_ncfile('Tmax',1960,1960,1,1,1,31,1,1,1,VARLIST,lon2,lat2,annual_file_VARI1)
The error warning is :
Error using netcdflib
The NetCDF library encountered an error during execution of 'putVaraDouble' function - 'Start+count
exceeds dimension bound (NC_EEDGE)'.
Error in netcdf.putVar (line 87)
Error in (line 815)
netcdf.putVar(gid, varid,start, count, varData);
Error in ncwrite (line 76)
ncObj.write(varName, varData, start, stride);
Error in create_ncfile (line 37)
ncwrite(path,'Tmax', VARI33);
Here is the code:
function create_ncfile(pat h,Y1,Y2,M1,M2,D1,D2,H1,H2,res,VARILIST,lon1,lat1,VARI33)
n1 = datenum(Y1, M1, D1, H1, 0, 0);
n2 = datenum(Y2, M2, D2, H2, 0, 0);
if res==1;
elseif res==2;
[Y, M, D, H] = datevec(n3);
% for i=1:length(VARILIST);
% nccreate(path,VARILIST(i,1:size(VARILIST,2)),'Dimensions',{'lon' 87 'lat' 81 'time' a1},'Format','classic');
% ncwrite(path,VARILIST(i,1:size(VARILIST,2)),VARI33);
% end
nccreate(path,'Tmax','Dimensions',{'lat' 87 'lon' 81 'time' a1},'Format','classic');
ncwrite(path,'Tmax', VARI33);
nccreate(path,'lon','Dimensions',{'lon' 87},'Format','classic');
ncwrite(path,'lon', lon);
nccreate(path,'lat','Dimensions',{'lat' 81},'Format','classic');
ncwrite(path,'lat', lat);
nccreate(path,'Year','Dimensions',{'d1' a1}, 'Format','classic');
ncwrite(path,'Year', Year);
nccreate(path,'Month','Dimensions',{'d1' a1}, 'Format','classic');
ncwrite(path,'Month', Month);
nccreate(path,'Day','Dimensions',{'d1' a1}, 'Format','classic');
ncwrite(path,'Day', Day);
end %EOF
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Ashish Uthama
Ashish Uthama on 20 Jul 2012
I would suggest putting a breakpoint at line 37, and ensuring that your VARI33 variable has the dimensions 87x81x(value of a1).

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Answers (1)

Stephen Po-Chedley
Stephen Po-Chedley on 21 Nov 2015
I recently had a similar problem on a Mac with Matlab R2015b (I don't have this issue with linux). I had the variable dimensions correct (I was reading a file, modifying the content and writing to the same variable). I had to flip the variable ordering. So if my variable was V(time,lat,lon) I had to ensure it was flipped to V(lon,lat,time) via:
V=permute(V,[3 2 1]);
You might need to do the same with VARI33. Or maybe the dimensions aren't exactly right.


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