stateflow control stuck in the default block

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The file is attached and the control inside the chart addition is stuck in the Init block and doesn't go out of it. Please run the model with the parameters a = 10; b = 20, c = 2

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Mauro Fusco
Mauro Fusco on 13 Jun 2019
Edited: Mauro Fusco on 13 Jun 2019
Looking at your flow chart, once that the superstate "addition" is reached (when this happens you can see blue border, as in your picture), then the Init state is accessed, as it has a default transition pointing to it. There are no transitions that go out of the init state, therefore it is normal that you observe no change of state.
In other words, your model contains a "deadlock". You need to add transitions that have origin in your init state and point towards other states if you want to get out of init. On the transitions you can add conditions using square brackets, to control when the init state is exited.
I hope this helps, maybe a good idea is to follow first these tutorials:


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