Photodiode in SimElectronics: details on physical signal port

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There is a relatively close question nearby by the way.
As it's easy to understand from the description of Photodiode block in SimElectronics, this block produces a current Ip that is proportional to the Radiant flux density presented at the physical signal port D using the following formula: Ip = Device sensitivity * Radiant flux density
Sensitivety is something that I may parametrize in the mask dialog.
The question is, in what units this physical signal aquired by port D may be described if I use physical constant for instance?
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Alexander Efremov
Alexander Efremov on 26 Jul 2012
Answer to myself. Please verify and correct if wrong.
It seems, that the unit is the same as in sensitivity parametrization (W/m^2 by default), because to receive current in Ip = Device Sensitivity * Radiant flux density I have to multiply Device Sensitivity m^2*A/W on W/m^2.
Other dynamics depend on diode and other parameters, not on the flux density.

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