I need an entity gate that I can open and close based on an entity attribute.

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I'm writing a model for a production facility that needs to go through a cleaning cycle every 30 or so batches, and then goes back to production.
I've thought through two solutions (but havent gotten to work):
  1. Use a entity gate that opens and closes - but I cant find an example of how to open then close then open based on an attribute.
  2. Use a switch that sends the entity down a cleaning path or a production path.
Any suggestions?

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Krishna Akella
Krishna Akella on 7 Mar 2019
Edited: Krishna Akella on 7 Mar 2019
Hi Andrew,
The easiest way to do this is to use the 'Simulink Function' block and call the Simulink function from an event action. You can make use of the 'Message send' block to convert the signal to an entity. By making the Simulink function output a '0' or a '1', you can either close or open the gate. The below image illustrates a simple example:

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