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ck poon

Using range in a vector

Asked by ck poon
on 21 Mar 2019
Latest activity Commented on by madhan ravi
on 21 Mar 2019
How do you use a loop/if statement to generate a range for vector A. Vector A can be changed by the user but the code should check if the components of the vectors are within -100 to 100
%vector A is defined as :
%A = [-10:0.5:10] ;
A = [1 2 101];
B =[]; % start with empty B
% check if the contents of A are in the range of -100 to 100
max = 100;
min = -100;
if (A>=min)|(A<=max)
for i=[1:length(A)]
% append cube of A(i) to B
B = [B A(i)*A(i)*A(i)];
%display B
%display that code is invalid
fprintf("Invalid - not within range")


Jos (10584)
on 21 Mar 2019
Did you check the output of (A>=min)|(A<=max) ?
Note that the IF statement converts this condition to a single True or False.
madhan ravi
on 21 Mar 2019
fprintf('Within Range %d\n',A(A>=Min&A<=Max))
fprintf('Not Within Range %d\n',A(~(A>=Min&A<=Max)))
I used if A(A>=min&A<=max)
and got 1 8 1030301
but somehow im suppossed not to cube the components not within the range
A>=Min & A<=Max % index it with A and raise it to the power of three

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1 Answer

Jos (10584)
Answer by Jos (10584)
on 21 Mar 2019
 Accepted Answer

I am a little confused by your problem, but here are my thoughts. You might want to use the function ANY, or its sibling ALL, or apply logical indexing
A = [1 2 101]
if any(A > 100)
disp('At least one element of A is larger than 100.') ;
B = nan(size(A))
tf = A <= 100 % use logical indexing
B(tf) = A(tf) .^ 3 % only calculate cube for elements of A <= 100, other elements are NaN


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