Divide Image into Overlapping blocks and save it

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Hi, I want to divide an image into 3 overlapping block.
input image size=2084 by 2084, output image sizes should be 2084 by 1042 with 50% overlapping. I tried using blockproc but encountering an error, "Too many output arguments.".
How to divide this image into blocks and save each by different name?.
I followed the demo, but these demos are for non-overlapping. I want overlapping blocks. Thank you.
This is my code:
for i=1:1
aa=blockproc(img, [2084 1042], cropSaveBlock,'BorderSize', [2084 521])
function cropSaveBlock()

Answers (1)

Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 13 Jun 2022
An image is just a matrix. If you want to save a part, then
imwrite(img(1:2084,1:1042), 'file1.jpg', 'jpg');
imwrite(img(1042:2084,524:1042), 'file2.jpg', 'jpg');


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