How can I trigger an event in a Discrete-Event Chart based on the continous signal value?

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I am trying to model a hybrid system composed of discrete event part and continuous part.
The Discrete Event Chart sets the input of the continuous process (Transfer function block). Once the response of the continuous process has settled the Chart should react to this and change its state (and release the entity). The server calls the Simulink function "trans" on entry.

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Krishna Akella
Krishna Akella on 5 Apr 2019
Hi Nemanja,
Have you tried using 'Message Send' and 'Message Receive' blocks? These blocks can be used to interface continuous blocks with discrete blocks and vice-versa.
If your release is R2018a or greater, you can additionally use the 'Hit Crossing' block.
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Nemanja Hranisavljevic
Nemanja Hranisavljevic on 5 Apr 2019
Thanks for your answer Krishna,
"Hit Crossing" block solved the problem. It detects that the signal has settled and sends the message to the discrete chart.

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