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Multi-view Triangulation using three cameras

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skyaakash on 3 Apr 2019
Answered: cui on 9 Apr 2021
In Compute Vision Toolbox examples, I can only see it has been used for a single camera capturing a scene from multiple views.
I have three images of a scene captured by three different cameras. Would it be useful to use Multi-view Triangulation function (triangulateMultiview)?
It appears that triangulateMultivew takes intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters of a single camera (I could not find a way to look how triangulateMultiview function is implemented inside MATLAB). How would I feed these parameters from three different cameras to this (triangulateMultiview) function?
Is there any alternate solution to my problem?

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cui on 9 Apr 2021
There is a way to meet your requirements, only the camera projection matrix and the corresponding image points can complete the 3D reconstruction.
edit triangulateMultiview.m
worldPoints = vision.internal.triangulateMultiViewPoints(pointTracks, cameraMatrices)
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