Vehicle Dynamics Blockset and Unreal Engine: Loading AutoVrtlEnv.uproject () in the Unreal Engine Editor.

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I am exploring the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset Interface for Unreal Engine 4 Projects which contains AutoVrtlEnv.uproject - a pre-built 3d scene for Unreal Engine (4.19), which I would like to modify.
I have followed the steps in AVE_README.pdf (open('AVE_README.pdf')), in particular the method b.
The problem is that when the unreal engine editor opens, it shows the following Load Errors (see figure). I have tried to reinstall the blockset (i am using Matlab2019a), and also unreal engine (i am using the version 4.19, as this is the version used for this project, and also tried with a newer version 4.21). loaderrors.PNG
Any suggestion to solve this issue?

Answers (2)

Mauro Fusco
Mauro Fusco on 2 May 2019
Edited: Mauro Fusco on 2 May 2019
There is an update from Mathworks, coming around the 15th of May 2019, that should solve this problem. At the moment, the plugin is missing in the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset Interface for Unreal Engine 4 Projects, but the Mathworks development team has found a solution...looking forward!

Mauro Fusco
Mauro Fusco on 13 Jun 2019
This problem has been solved by Mathworks with the release of May 2019, which contains the missing files.


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