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How to change character in multiple cells in to number 0 and 1?

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I've got an excel file which contains a column for sex,'F' and 'M'. 'F' means female and 'M' means male. I used xlsread() to load this data, and got multiple cells( size is 1*n,n for number of people), each cell contains a character 'F' or 'M'. I want to transfer the character to number 0 or 1, 0 means 'F' and 1 means 'M'. How can I do it?

Accepted Answer

Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 19 Apr 2019
Sex = {'F','M','F','F','M','M','F'}
[~, SexNum] = ismember(Sex, {'F','M'})
SexNum = SexNum - 1 % 1 = 'M', 0 = 'F', -1 = other
% alternatively
SexNum2 = cellfun(@(c) double(c=='M')), Sex) % 1 is 'M', 0 = 'F' or other)

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Wenyi Xiao
Wenyi Xiao on 19 Apr 2019
S = findgroups(Sex);
I used this code, it works too!!!!!
Thank you!

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