How to see my code after hitting hide code on th view tab (LIVE EDITOR)

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As the title says I've pushed the hide code button and i'm not able to see the code back to normal, i've pushed it back and tried everything please help!
Are Mjaavatten
Are Mjaavatten on 22 Feb 2023
I had the same problem today using R2022b (Update 3), so the problem is still not fixed, it seems.
I just wanted to see how the document would look with hidden code, but then I was stuck!
Luckily, I could restore an old version from my Dropbox account. The workaround in the bugreport would also have done the job, I guess. I would prefer a less circumspect solution, though. Or a warning when you click the hide button, like: "This action is irreversible. Are you sure you will never want look at the code parts?"

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Answers (1)

Friedrich on 20 May 2019
Have you checked the bugreports page? Seems like a known issue:


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