sygma notation for equation

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Hello everyone
I am trying to compute a sigma summation of a simple row vectors, where:
i= 0:10:200
sin= 0:0.1:1;
and I need to solve E from :
help is hugely appreciated. Many thanks
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Septian Lesmana Sitorus
Septian Lesmana Sitorus on 14 May 2019
sorry for the bad picture and actually this is the equation

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Prathamesh Degwekar
Prathamesh Degwekar on 21 May 2019
Maybe you can check out sumsqr() which is a function that lets you find the sum of the squared vales of a matrix.
You can find it's documentation here. []
Just pass (sout - sin) to this and I think it should work.
Hope this helps.

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