how to get string as output from inputdlg?

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Hi everyone,
In the following script when I am trying to get sheet name from user by inputdlg as string to use for xlsread gives me the error:
Error using xlsread (line 146)
Sheet argument must be a string scalar, a character vector, or an integer.
Error in try_input (line 17)
data = xlsread(filename ,sheet ,xlRange);
the related scripts is:
sheet = inputdlg('Enter the input sheet name please:',...
'Input', [1 50]);
xlRange = 'D2:E44509';
data = xlsread(filename ,sheet ,xlRange);

Accepted Answer

Dennis on 20 May 2019
inputdlg returns a cell array and not a string.
data = xlsread(filename,sheet{1},xlRange);

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